Gottman Toys Inc.

About Us


As of March 1, 2009, Dan and Jaime Gard are the new owners of Gottman Toys, Inc. and the company has been moved back to Palmyra, Missouri where it was originally started by Danny Gottman in 1984. Next year, Gottman Toys, Inc. will celebrate its 30th year and is one of the most successful companies in the collectible toy business today. Meticulous attention to the smallest details and scrupulous service to customers are qualities which have built this company's reputation and business since it's beginning in 1984.



Corporate customers benefit from adding this new dimension to their promotion programs. When a company is ready to consider this promotional vehicle, Dan & Jaime will help analyze the company's needs. We will then oversee every aspect and detail from model design to prototype and reproduction models and then delivery of the product.

An on-line and mail fulfillment service is also available for all products produced by Gottman Toys. We can design, produce, advertise, sell, warehouse, and ship your product from our location which allows your company time to focus on what it does best.



From the initial step of product and prototype quotes, to complete fulfillment of shipping and handling to your customers, we are "At Your Service". If you are ready to place your order now - shop online or give us a call at (573) 769.7302 or email us at