Gottman Toys Inc.

Promote Your Business

“Where Toys Promote Your Business to New Dimensions”

Your_Business_Here_Truck_AdThere’s no better way to promote your business! These collector pieces are not only fun and unique – they will increase in value.  No other advertising can do that!

Project Guidelines

  • Introduction of Gottman Toys, Inc.
  • Explanation of project production
  • Development of tool and die
  • Gather information on project, examples: C.A.D. drawings, pictures, product information
  • Proposal return to client in 2 – 3 weeks
  • Review all aspects of project and approve
  • Enter into contractual agreement
  • Proceed to prototype stage, allow 8 – 10 weeks
  • Approve prototype with changes for production
  • Proceed to production with final product in 16 – 18 weeks

Contact Dan & Jaime Gard with your business promotional ideas.


Unique Collector Toys That Take Business Promotion
To A New Dimension!